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Gaisce 2014-2015

Gaisce was a challenge,

To say the very least,

Activities, skills, involvement in the community,

For either 13 or 26 weeks.

This time last year,

Chrimbo 2014,

We were close to finishing,

Two out of our three.

Gaiscee 1

Like a new years resolution

That we actually had to keep,

Dodgey guitar lessons, the gym or zumba,

We got our cards signed every week.


A test of commitment,

To get involved in new things,

To sit at a table of new people,

And see what we could bring.

The gaisce hike was a two day workout,

More than I've ever done before,

Huffs and puffs and hysterical cries

"Go on without me! I cant take it anymore!"

"Sure it's only a hike, it'll be on flat ground"

Ah but we were naive

Who could forget KPs iconic selfie

With Aine in the muck, knee deep.

gaisce  22

Up a hill, down a hill,

"Only one more" Langton lied,

Not to be trusted, "Silly me there's another one!"

They said, acting surprised.

We brought grub to the faraway hostel,

To see what home ec students could muster up,

Licking plates clean in a matter of seconds,

Then a scrap for the golden top bunks.


Early rise to set off again,

"I've never walked so much in my life"

Ploughing ahead, built like machines

With Langton and Wallis trailing slowly behind.

Home in one, blistered piece,

Two stone lighter in weight,

A two day unforgettable trip,

Then we slept for three days straight.

Gaisce was no walk in the park,

Especially not for silver medaller SBC,

We bit the bullet and stuck it out,

And now we've got something to put on our CVs.

We've accomplished something,

Something that we've had to earn,

Well done women, we got what we came for,

Medals, that are well deserved.  (by Ruan Gormley)

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